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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions:

In order to use our services at X4 cars, you agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below. By using the services you understand and agree that X4 cars will treat your use of the services as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


Passengers are responsible to book the transfer leaving enough time by considering check in times, traffic conditions and other factors, X4 cars will not be responsible for any delays in reaching your destination on time caused by passengers not booking in reasonable time.

If a pre booked taxi is late by 40 minutes and the customer has missed their onward travel such as a flight, X4 cars will only reimburse the fare due on the journey booked. We will not be liable for compensating customers the cost of flights or any other expenses.

Passengers are responsible for booking a suitable vehicle that can accommodate the number of passengers travelling and the number of luggages they will bring with them.

Driver will choose the route to the destination by taking in to account of the following factors such as distance (miles), traffic, weather conditions road diversions, event day closures, travel time and any other incidents.
If the passenger wants to take a route of their preference then they are liable to pay the extra charges to cover additional mileage incurred.

There will be an additional charge of minimum £5.00 if the passenger makes a stop or any other diversion during the transfer.

Amendment & Booking Cancellations:

All cancellations must be notified by calling our bookings team on
+44 20 8980 1234 or via email to info@x4cars.com
Any bookings can be cancelled or changed by giving 12 hours notice prior to the transfer time.

Coach Booking Cancellations

For coach booking cancellations we need a notice of 15 days prior to the transfer time.
We will charge 20 % of the booking fare plus bank charges for currency conversion rate and the remaining fare will be refunded. No refund if cancelled with in the 15 days period.

Prices & Payments

Prices quoted on our website are based on the details entered by the booker or passenger. X4 cars have the right to amend the price if the passenger provides any false information, such as incorrect passenger count or luggage count.

Festival Date charges:

Additional charge of 50% will be added on the price quoted on our website for the below mentioned dates.
25th December
26th December
1st of January


If a booking is cancelled by us because we have been unable to fulfil the service, a full refund will be issued.
No refund will be issued for bookings cancelled within 12 hours of the transfer time.

No refund will be issued for bookings where you do not meet your driver within 1 hour of the flight arrival time and no contact has been made with either the driver or the Company.

Full refund will be issued with a deduction of £7.00 (bank charges) if the booking is cancelled before 12 hours from the taxi transfer time.
All refunds are subject to a minimum fee of £7.00 towards bank charges.
No refunds will be issued for changes to the pick up or destination unless notified in advance.

No Show and Waiting time

We provide meet and greet services for all airport pickups with a maximum of 30 minutes free waiting time, from the time the flight has landed or from the passengers scheduled pick up time.
After the free waiting time has elapsed, a standard charge of £5 per 15 minutes applies.
If passenger didn’t made any contact with our office or if our driver is not able to contact the passenger within one hour of the flight arrival time the booking will be cancelled and no refund issued for credit/debit card payments.
For cash bookings if the Passenger didn’t show up (NO SHOW) after 1 hour from the time their flight has landed, then the passenger is liable to pay the full fare of the journey quoted.

Use of Vehicle and Behaviour:

X4 cars will not tolerate the use of abusive language to drivers.
The driver has the right to refuse entry to the vehicle if they suspect any threat to themselves.
Smoking and the consumption of food and drink is prohibited in all vehicles.
A standard charge of £45.00 applies to passengers who spoil the vehicle for full vehicle valeting.